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Louise Crockett


Hi! I’m Louise! 

Having spent several years working in the Financial Services industry, it has been interesting to see how career fashion has evolved over time. As a result of this, I have become a keen observer of fashion trends & I can appreciate women alike that have style & grace.

 In my spare time I serve as a personal stylist for Wardrobe For Opportunity in Oakland, California, where I help inner city men & women dress for success, as they enter the workforce. Whether it be helping people dress for job interviews, to helping these individuals define their style tailored to fit their career-once they land the job! I believe that fit is paramount & for me, there is no greater feeling than seeing someone feeling confident & looking good in clothes that fit!

I fell in love with fashion at a very young age. I was always playing dress up & found so much enjoyment in piecing together outfits for my Barbie dolls. It was then where my passion for fashion started. My own personal style is elegance by design & I am not one for fussy fashion. I am fearless when it comes to fashion trends because I am not afraid to reject style trends that may or may not work. 

My fashion philosophy is simply this:

1. First & foremost, incorporating sustainability always. More recently, I have been focused on this fashion forward concept.

2. Fashion can be affordable. I believe that you can never put a price on style. 

3. The style of simplicity: Less is more, so maximize your style with the few items that are living in your closet.

5. And lastly, embrace the world with your personal style. Whether your fashion is funky, or you like the urban look. Maybe you are focused on feeling comfy in athleisure, or enjoy the classic look of elegance & sophistication. Or you simply do not know. It’s okay, I am here to help! So let’s have some fashion fun, while we work together to find the style that’s right for you!

In love & fashion,